October 2014

October   18th                   Opening for Coldjack @ The Gayety Theatre

December 2014

December 16th                   The Huron Club ~ Collingwood 

December 19th                    Pipers ~Thornbury

December 22nd                  The Casbah ~ Collingwood

December 29th                    The Lodge ~ Blue Mountain

​​​​​February 2017
February 18th                          Private Function
​​February 23rd                         The Huron Club
​February 25th                          Private Function

March 2017
​March 6th                                 McKibbin's ~ Montreal 1426 Bishop St

May 2017

May 5th                                  Live & Original Venue Tour ~Collingwood

May 6th                                  Gustav's ~ Collingwood     

May 10th                                 Bobby's Idle Hour ~ Nashville       
​May 19th                                Bruce St. Wine Bar ~ Thornbury

May 20th                               The Huron Club ~ Collingwood

May 21st                                Brunch The Huron Club ~ Collingwood

May 26th                               Cranberry Resort ~ Collingwood

June 2017

June 1st                                 Music, Market Park It ~ Trio

​June 3rd                                Gustav's ~ Collingwood
June 15th                              Station Park, Stayner ~ Solo​

June 16th                              The Huron Club ~ Collingwood

​June 24th                             Port Music Festival  1PM

June 24th                             Private Function

June 30th                            Georgain Tr Music Fest 12 Main St Wasaga

July 2017

July 1St                               Bridges ~ Thornbury  1-4PM

July 1st                               Millenium Park ~ Solo ~ Collingwood

July 1st                               Millennium Park ~ Mike McCarthy Band

​July 2nd                             Huron Club ~ Collingwood  ~ 1-4PM

July 8th                              Doneleigh's ~ Mike McCarthy Band

​July 15th                             Centre Stage ~ Village at Blue

​July 15th                             Lounge 26 ~ Collingwood
​July 27th                            Station Park, Stayner ~ Solo

July 29th                            Leaky Canoe ~ Meaford

August 2017

August 2nd                   Crow Bar ~ Musician in Residence

August 5th                    Gustav's ~ Collingwood
​August 8th                   Jazz & Blues Wasaga~Mike McCarthy Band

August 9th                   Crow Bar ~ Musician in Residence

​August 10th                 Concert ~ Simcoe St Theatre

​August 12th                 Village Centre Stage   

August 16th                 Crow Bar ~ Musician in Residence   

August 19th                  Private Function

August 23rd                 Crow Bar ~ Musician in Residence

​August 26th                 Gustav's ~  Collingwood

August 30th                 Crow Bar ~ Musician in Residence

September 2017

Sept 2nd                      Private Function

October 2017

​October 7th               Oktoberfest Beers & Bands ~ Gayety Theatre

December 2017

December 16th         The Leeky Canoe ~ Meaford ~ Solo

​December 29th         CROW Bar & Variety ~ Band

January 2018

January 4th                The Huron Club ~  Collingwood ~Solo

​January 6th                Craigleith Ski Club ~ Craigleith ~ Solo

​January 16th               McKibbins ~ Montreal ~ Band

February 2018

February 17th             Private Function

​February 18th             Mansfield Ski Club ~ Mansfield ~ Solo

​February 21st              The Huron Club ~ Collingwood ~ Solo

Past Performances

January 2016   
Jan 2nd                                  The Lodge ~ Blue Mountain

February 2016
February 24th                      The Huron Club ~ Collingwood
​February 26th                      The Lodge ~ Blue Mountain
​February 27th                       Private Function ~ Craigleith
​February 29th                      McKibbins Bishop St. ~ Montreal

March 2016

​March 10th                           Cock N Bull ~ Montreal

March 30th                           Cock N Bull ~ Montreal

May 2016

May 13th                                  Grumpy's ~ Montreal

June 2016

​June 6th                                  McKibbins ~ Bishop St., Montreal

​June 21st                                 The Huron Club ~ Collingwood

July 2016

July 8th                                   Centre Stage Courtyard ~ Blue Mountain

​July 9th                                   Private Function

August 2016

August 11th                             Brutopia ~ Montreal

August 13th                            Grumpy's Montreal

​August 20th                            Bridges ~ Thornbury​

​August 21st                             Blue Mountain Village ~ Centre Stage

​August 27th                            Copper Kettle ~ Creemore

October 2016

Oct 1st                                      Small Halls ~ Brentwood

​Oct 8th                                     The Huron Club ~ Collingwood

​Oct 14th                                   Grumpy's ~ Montreal

December 2016

​December 17th                       Gustav's ~ Collingwood

​December 18th                       The Huron Club Brunch ~ Collingwood

​December 21st                       The Huron Club ~ Collingwood​

January 2015
January 2nd                            The Lodge ~ Blue Mountain
January 24th                           Wasaga Beach Short Film Festival
                                                             ~ Featured Artist
January 25th                           The Irish Embassy ~ Montreal

February 2015
February 5th                            Sir Winston Churchill Pub ~ Montreal
February 24th                         The Huron Club ~Collingwood
February 27th                          The Lodge ~ Blue Mountain

March 2015
March 28th                               Bar Panet ~ Montreal

April 2015
April 2nd                                   Winnies ~ Montreal

May  2015

May 1st                                     Simcoe Street Theatre ~ Collingwood

May 1st                                     Bridges ~ Thornbury ~ TBC

May 7th                                    The Huron Club ~ Collingwood

May 8th                                    Donaleigh's ~ Barrie

May 9th                                    Casbah ~ Collingwood

                                                       w/ Bruce Campbell & Nick Liefl

May 17th                                 Kim Mitchell Concert at Blue

                                                    appearing as Special Guest

                                                    Conference Centre ~ Blue Mountain

May 21st                                    George's On Main ~ Meaford                May 30th                                  Station On The Green - Collingwood

May 31st                                    Hospice Hike & Bike ~ Collingwood

June 2015

June 5th                                The Casbah

                                                          w/ Bruce Campbell & Nick Liefl

June 6th                                  Vanier Prom

June 11th                                 Pan Am Para Olympic Torch Relay

                                                             ~ Collingwood

June 12th                                 Bridges ~ Thornbury

June 13th                                 The Lodge ~ Blue Mountain

June 16th                                 Rusty's ~ Blue Mountain

June 20th                                Wedding ~ Thornbury

July 2015

July 1st                                    Jazz & Blues at The Station ~ Collingwood

July 8th                                   Local Live Lunch ~ Collingwood

July 9th                                   The Huron Club ~ Collingwood

July 11th                                  Bridges ~ Thornbury

July 12th                                  Firehall Pizza ~ Blue Mountain Village

                                                         w/ Bruce Campbell & Nick Liefl

July 17th                                  Donaleigh's ~ Barrie

                                                         w/ Bruce Campbell & Nick Liefl

August 2015

August 6th                               Stayner ~ Music in The Park

                                                            w/ Bruce Campbell & Nick Liefl

August 7th                              The Huron Club ~ Collingwood

                                                          w/ Bruce Campbell & Nick Liefl

August 9th                             The Village ~ Blue Mountain

August 12th                           Local Live Lunch ~ Collingwood

August 14th                             Bridges ~ Thornbury

August 15th                             The Village ~ Blue Mountain

August 18th                             The Village ~ Blue Mountain

August 22nd                            Copper Kettle ~ Creemore

                                                         w/ Bruce Campbell & Nick Liefl

August 22nd                           Bridges ~ Thornbury

August 23rd                           The Village ~ Blue Mountain





Past Performances


June 2014

June 26th                          On Air - 97.7 The Beach (8:45 start)

June 27th                          Blue Mountain Golf & Country Club

July 2014

July 1st                               Village @ Blue (The Gazebo)

July 1st                               Collingwood Idol Finals (Winner)

July 2nd                            The Peak FM Interview 8:35 a.m.

July 2nd                             Record Beach Booster Interview

July 8th                             Beach Booster Radio 5PM   & 7PM

July 12th                           Centre Stage Village at Blue 11AM-1PM

July 23rd                           Jazz & Blues @ The Station

July 25th                           CD Release Party for Mackenzie Blues Band/The Dam Pub 

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Email: austinmccarthy8@gmail.com

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August  2014

August 2nd                      Village at Blue -Village Stage 4:14pm - 6:15pm 

August 6th                        Live Local Lunch (Collingwood) 12pm-1:30pm 

                                                        w/ The Mike McCarthy Band 

​August 8th                        Stone Tree Golf & Country Club (Corporate function)

​August 12th                      Village at Blue - Village Stage 5:30pm-8:00pm
August 16th                      Village at Blue - Water St. Bandstand 2pm-4pm
​August 16th                      Cranberry - Station on the Green 5:30pm - 8:00pm

August 20th                      Local Live Lunch (Collingwood) 12pm-1:30pm

Austin McCarthy Music